Giese Bible

2004  Lloyd giese gave Barbi old Bible a couple of months before he died.

 WHAT A Mess!

Cover is off and bookblock is in BAD shape

Removing all the old glue and tape

Lots of crinkled pages to be flattened

Most of the original glue removed

Removing the original binding threads 

All apart ... Now the re-binding process can start

Flattening the crinkles

Punching the reinforcing paper on the inside of the signatures

Mounted on my sewing frame showing the new binding tapes

Detail of sewing on the tapes

All done sewing

Ready to move to vise for new mull

New mull glued to bookblock

Ready to glue new mull to original reconditioned covers

Showing preserves inside, original, pages and notes

Ready for delivery

Happy customer !

Last time I saw Barbi (~2020) That Bible looked exactly the same, even though she uses it several times each week.

Jim Andrews May 10, 2023
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Some before and after pictures

As received   
Cover is separating  Lots of wrinkles to take care of