How It's Done

This is the Bible on the Home page

WHAT A MESS! Cover is gone, parts of the binding are missing.

Here I've removed the old cover and binding.

Lots of work to be done to the spine.

Work to be done to the pages.

Punching the signatures. These are the holes where the sewing thread will go through...

First signature set up to the ribbons and ready for sewing.

Close up of first few signatures sewn to the ribbons. Note the kettle stitching on the right...

All signatires sewn to the ribbons. Easy to see the Kettle stitching on the end.

Ready to cut from the sewing jig.

Binding edge glued (see the ribbons?) New mull attached.

Cover glued to mull, ready to glue in original end papers (with original notes).

Original end papers (with original notes) glued back in.

Ready to deliver.

Happy customer.

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