Do This

Until repairs are made
Do Not
.Use adhesive tape
.Use paper clips
.Use rubber bands
.Use string
.Keep the book away from light, heat and moisture
.Wrap the book snuggly in clean white paper
.Tie the book with flat (non adhesive) tape or ribbon
Please address the points listed below That you feel relevant to your book-which will help us give you a proper estimate.
.Does the book require resewing?
.The spine is broken in one or more areas?
.Is the sewing simply loose?
How is your book bound at this time?
how is your book
how is your book
how is your book
how is your book
Full Bonding w / Buckram 1/2 Binding w / Buckram 1/2 Binding w / buckram corners 1/2 Binding w / fore edge trimmed w / Buckran
.Full leather binding?
.Full cloth / buckram binding?
Combination of cloth / buckram and leather?
.Spine only
.Spine and corners
.Spine and edges